FunCats are made in the USA of super durable marine-grade materials. Every FunCat comes with a 12-month, pontoon-to-pontoon warranty and a boatload features!


Proudly made in the USA!

Pontoons are roto-molded, high-density polyethylene

Seatback fabric is a durable and breathable dual-coated, polyvinyl mesh

 Weight of the FunCat without batteries: 276 lbs. (125 kgs.)

Built to U.S. Coast Guard Standard


Marine grade aluminum with a grained finish

Secured via 316 stainless alloy hardware and fasteners

Designed for easy assembly and are built to withstand marine conditions

Electrically Powered

Propelled by two, ¾ horsepower electric motors with recessed, 3-blade propellers

Powered by two, 12v batteries (AGM Marine or Lithium-Ion)

Easy, rudderless steering—two rocker switches (located on the armrest) maneuver the FunCat in both forward and reverse

Top speed of 4-5 knots / 5-6 mph


 Onboard battery charging system that offers easy plug-and-charge capabilities (A/C, 12v, 20 amp, 50/60 hz). 3 hour charge time

 Solar Panels provide a continuous charging of up to 200 watts (optional kit)

 LED volt meter included; visually displays the charge level of the batteries

Batteries (AGM & Lithium-Ion)

AGM Batteries (Included in the purchase of a Standard FunCat Package)
12v, Group 27, 92 ah, deep cycle batteries

63 lbs each

 Life expectancy—500 cycles

Calendar life—1-2 years

Charge time—3-4 hours (paired with the on-board charging system)

4-6 hours runtime on one charge

Solar panel charge efficiency–approximately 40%


Lithium-Ion Batteries (Included in the purchase of a Commercial FunCat Package)

12v, 75 ah

15 lbs. each

Life expectancy—3,000-5,000 cycles

life—8-10 years

Charge time—3 hours

5-7 hrs runtime on one charge

 Solar panel charge efficiency–approximately 90%

FunCat Features (Included with your purchase)

42 lbs. thrust electric motor (2 ea.)

 Built-in, watertight storage compartments

 Convertible Bimini Shade with Boot

 Built-in Battery Charging System (A/C, 12v, 20 amp, 50/60 hz)

 LED Battery Monitor

 2 Batteries

Trick Out Your FunCat (Optional Accessories)

Dual Solar Panel Kit (100w per Panel, 9 amps total, wire harness and hardware)

Dockside Charging System (3 bank)— for charging up to 3 batteries dockside (batteries in boat)

Land Base Charging System (8 bank)— for charging up to 8 batteries (removed from the boat)

Boat Cover

FunCat aluminum transport trailer

Fishing Rod Mount

Canvas Storage Bag

Near-shore life vest-4 pack

Telescoping Paddle