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FunCats are a unique and proven beach rental product, with established rental locations around the world! With an hourly rental rate that ranges from $25 to $70, FunCats electric pontoon boats are easy to assemble, so you will get your boats in the water faster.

With a 12-month warranty from defects and workmanship, you can be confident that your boat rental business will continue to benefit from the income FunCats can provide. FunCats offer three different options, so you can select a program that best suits your needs.

Revenue-share program

Lower up-front investment (compared to purchasing outright)

On-site setup support and maintenance training

 Ongoing maintenance support and parts replacement based on normal wear & tear

 Marketing & promotional materials provided

Diversify your boat or marine recreation operation with FunCats

Dealers must maintain an inventory of at least 2 units (not including demo boat)

Discount levels:
– Silver Level Dealer: 2-5 units, less 20%
– Gold Level Dealer: 6-10 units, less 25%
– Platinum Level Dealer: 11+ units, less 30%

Additional 15% discount on accessories & spare parts

Marketing & promotional materials provided

Sales territories are non-exclusive—we do not saturate single markets with multiple representatives

Sales materials provided

Potential clients are submitted to Sub Sea Systems as “registered opportunities”

 Representative discount levels:

  – Non-stocking Rep – 15% commission, (not purchasing a demo boat)
  – Stocking Rep – 20% commission (purchase of demo boat; demo boat 15% discount)

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