FunCats are a unique and proven beach rental product, with established rental locations around the world! The FunCat is low maintenance, durable, eco-friendly, easy to drive, and can be dragged onto a beach or dock without damage to the pontoons or propellers. The unique boat rents for an hourly rate between $25 to $70 USD.

The electric-solar catamarans are proudly made in the USA and come with a 12-month warranty from defects and workmanship. With a durable and reliable watercraft, you can be confident your business will benefit from the FunCat rental income.

Get involved with FunCats! Choose the business option that best fits your interest:

Diversify your boat rental fleet with FunCats

Commercial FunCat package includes lightweight, efficient, and long lasting Lithium-Ion batteries

On-site support and maintenance training available

Generates a return on investment through hourly rentals – ranging between $25-$70 USD per hour

◆ In between rentals, boats are easy to drag onto the beach or a dock without damage to the pontoons or propellers

◆ Guests love to rent FunCats because they’re easy to drive, stable, quiet and relaxing!

Revenue-share program

Lower up-front investment (compared to purchasing outright)

On-site setup support and maintenance training

 Ongoing maintenance support and parts replacement based on normal wear & tear

 Marketing & promotional materials provided

Diversify your boat or marine recreation operation with FunCats

Dealers must maintain an inventory of at least 2 units (not including demo boat)

Discount levels:
– Silver Level Dealer: 2-5 units, less 20%
– Gold Level Dealer: 6-10 units, less 25%
– Platinum Level Dealer: 11+ units, less 30%

Additional 15% discount on accessories & spare parts

Marketing & promotional materials provided

Sales territories are non-exclusive—we do not saturate single markets with multiple representatives

Sales materials provided

Potential clients are submitted to Sub Sea Systems as “registered opportunities”

 Representative discount levels:

  – Non-stocking Rep – 15% commission, (not purchasing a demo boat)
  – Stocking Rep – 20% commission (purchase of demo boat; demo boat 15% discount)

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